by prof. Walter Salin

W. Since 1992, Our Lady has appeared to you with the title of Virgin of the Eucharist, a singular and prophetic event in the light of the times we are living in. What testimony can you give on this?

D. Yes, I would like to answer briefly even if I don’t think I will be able to.  In fact, when the Lord sends Our Lady to bring us a Message and speaks to us through Her maternal Heart, it is always to reveal evidence. In the past centuries every intervention of the Mother of God always took place in connection to temporal problems which, merging with the spiritual ones, constituted an exceptional event in relation to the Divine project.  It is clear that the Lord sends the Co-redemptrix who, with this glorious name, gives us a precise key of interpretation: “I am the Virgin of the Eucharist”, Virgin because she is the Mother of all consecrations and of the Eucharist because the fulfilment of the plan of salvation merges in this reality, which is certainly dogmatic and which we accept by faith. It is because of the adoration that people offer to the Blessed Sacrament that we will all be weighed on the scales of our Eternal Father.  It is clear, therefore, how the Virgin Mother, having carried this Most Holy Bread in Her womb even before it was transubstantiated, celebrated this living and true God and it is obvious that she comes to us to tell us: “Dear children, if you feel lost it is because you have strayed from your Source ”. Until we return to Christ and we kneel acknowledging him as our Lord acting in our families, in the temporal realities (where he truly takes care of us if we trust him with love), we will find neither peace nor health. This progressive loss of faith will produce an incredible upheaval in people. God dreamed about us, wanting us to go to Him: “Come to Me, all of you who are tired and oppressed” and where can we go to seek our fulfillment if not in Christ himself? Who can give us the answers? Having ousted the Eucharistic Love from its throne, having defenestrated it, having set it aside, is equivalent, as if it were a mathematical equation, to putting Him outside our lives, with unimaginable consequences that are before our eyes. Without Jesus the Eucharist our faith becomes poor and we no longer have the strength to produce beauty, wealth, holiness. This is also true within the Church and within vocations, within any charismatic, hierarchical, prophetic genre, everywhere, in everything. Having put Jesus outside our earthly realities is like saying: “You are seated in Heaven and we are staying on the other side because we are the masters of our life” and this is really foolish! We find full fulfillment if we behave according to God’s Will, but when we assert an individuality that excludes God’s projects, that’s when the very “milestones” fall, even the Sanctuary collapses, everything collapses! Even the civilization which we have produced poor in essence of humanity collapses because there is no longer dignity, nor value, or sense of a Homeland.  Jesus the Eucharist brings us back to that dreaming of God when He looked at His Heavenly Father with His human eyes while living His earthly life. Therefore, we who are making our journey on the earth can do nothing but be servants of the Eucharist, children of the Eucharist, friends of the Eucharist. Without Jesus the Eucharist we are like a number of crazy molecules in a liquid fluid that flows away.

W. In 2022 it will be 30 years since the first apparition of Mary, Virgin of the Eucharist, in Manduria: does this date have an eschatological meaning in view of the future of the world? And in view of the current geopolitical chessboard, what did the Virgin Mary let you understand?

D. Yes, in 2022 it will be 30 years since the first apparitions. I do not know how much this will affect our future, but certainly Our Lady promised us a time of restored peace. Obviously, as it has already happened, someone came to see me and asked me: “Well, will we see the fulfillment of what the Lady has said during this long period of time?” And I replied: “Of course we will see them fulfilled and especially our children who will live in a very, very particular historical context”. I call it wild time because me, having lost the meaning of spiritual and supernatural life, will also have lost faith, since it is written “Faith will no longer be found on earth except in a few hearts”. Therefore, mankind will have to collide at all levels. However, we must not be frightened and the words already said by Our Lady will come true and we know that no change, no revolution take place without pain, penance, sacrifice and blood. However, we must not fear all this because if we prepare well, we will be able to face the trials properly. We will face these trials; they will happen in the course of our lives; I already had the opportunity to say in the past that we (the seers) will announce them in time. Certainly, in different ways and sequences because there are other places which received revelations and secrets.  This does not mean that the same things that will happen in Manduria might happen in Medjugorje or Garabandal, except for the global ones.

There will be different consequential situations, but in the end the events will only serve as a great preparation, because the world, finding itself at a crossroads, will have to make a choice, open up to Christ or serve the Antichrist, following the New World Order that  aims to impose certain rules and misleading ideologies. It is therefore clear that 30 years are an important time frame so that everyone will have to choose, urged both by the great events but also by negative signs.

 It is written, but we are also seeing it, that “the earth will come to the aid of the Woman who is in the desert” (Ap.12,16), therefore landslides, earthquakes, terrible situations  which we will increasingly witness precisely because all this will talk to us of God. The earth will talk to us of God. The melting of glaciers, the axis of the earth that has undergone a major shift, the new volcanic phenomena, the terrestrial areas that will emerge and others that will go under water, will certainly all talk of God. Everything that has been a consequence of human wickedness that led to the total exploitation of the territories with the death of many creatures will talk to us of God; the crisis will speak to us of God since we will have to turn to coal again because  we have drained all the oil. Therefore, we will see terrible and shocking events because new nuclear catastrophes will occur when conflicts between states arise. Don’t think they are far away: Prague, Prague, Prague will be a new Chernobyl.

The phenomena of thermometric variations already reveal the suffering of our mother earth which must never be seen detached from the spiritual language, otherwise we would be idolaters, because thinking of the earth as if it had its own spirit would lead us to a sterile and idolatrous ecologism; not even St. Francis preached this. It is necessary to look at the suffering of nature because we are exploiting it by causing the subversion of the normal balance it needs to survive and to give us what we need. Therefore all the illness we cause  to the earth will inevitably backfire, as for example the rising of the oceans due to the melting of ice etc, etc, and all this is not only due to a climatic factor but also to the excessive exploitation of materials resulting in air pollution (consider the ozone hole). This means that all that should have been available for 2,3,4,5 centuries has been practically used up, so that we will have to turn back and we will be in conflict among us and then between States. America will also enter the war; however, it will be forced to abandon the conflict, having to withdraw due to a series of natural disasters. In particular, there will be violent hurricanes of unprecedented scale, which will hit its territories.  These events will force the US military to go back home to support their own populations at the end of their forces. I would like to add that men will become increasingly selfish, having denied God the prerogative of giving them the advice and supremacy of Divine Enlightenment. Having forgotten His Lordship and desecrated His Shrine we will find ourselves pondering on the ashes of what we will actually be able to do, in a state of confusion in our minds and hearts at the mercy of harmful powers.

W.  Another very important question: how is the Church positioned in these times full of problems and contradictions? Could you also draw a timeline to help us link world war, economic collapse, crisis, epidemics, internal riots, warnings and secrets?

D. You are asking quite a lot … however what can be said,  taking into account  the messages that Our Lady has given us, is the fact that the world war is really upon us; however, before it breaks out, there will be signs, that is alarm bells that will ensure that those who are awake, such as the Wise Virgins, will be alarmed and be able understand. First of all, the war in the Middle East, the one that is not yet taking place but that is being held up, stuck there but very close and I am talking about a war between Iran, Turkey and Greece, up to the gates of Jerusalem. This war will take place very shortly and will start after the death of a third generalissimo, a person of high rank in the military order. It will be started around or beyond the Balkans, after which the Russians will join in and will clash with a great force including the American one. Over time Russia will invade Europe. When the European states realize that the Russians have reached the eastern territories (they are already ready with submarines and so on), France and Germany, in particular, will think that if the Russians have arrived, they too can get there, therefore, according to not very intelligent political strategies, they will think they can do business too and this will cause a sort of conflict within the conflict that will prepare the great clash. So the first spark will be in the Middle East. In the strait close to Turkey between Iran etc. etc. As regards the questions relating to revolutions and economic crises, already in October and in the course of winter I foresee  a severe financial crisis: many will lose their jobs and there will be an impoverishment, with epidemics not only from coronavirus (which in the meantime will be changing) but also of another kind and they will increase. Consequently, there will be those who will escape to buy vaccines (which perhaps will not be needed) and those who will be afraid to face reality, as new disputes will arise about the new viral forms and all this will mean that men will become increasingly impoverished. There will also be a social crisis: Germany, France and England with France first, will precede Italy which will follow maybe 2 or 3 years later than Germany and England (I cannot be more specific).

In Italy there will be a revolt as Our Lady said, “a great and sad revolution” and it is in the heart of this that we will see absurdities, we will be conquered and dominated again by the Communists. Chinese Communists will undoubtedly be in power and also a certain type of Bolshevik communism will appear, though  it is difficult to understand how the two forces will be structured in the political-social world, after which there will be the Muslim advance, a horde that will come through the south, but also through many cells already present in the southern territory: I am speaking  of Naples, of Rome, of Puglia (home to terrorist collaborators)  the very  land where the Madonna has often summoned us because that “fire in the Mediterranean ”certainly does ignite by itself. We must know that hidden cells (sometimes colluding with the arms and drug trafficking mafia) operate in our south ready to explode and join those who are preparing, like a strong archer, like an army lined up to battle against us and it is in that moment that we will see the murder of many priests including the Pope, I fear. It is a revolution that will last in Italy less than a year, however we will be crushed between communist and Muslim tyrannies for a period of 3, 4 or 5 dreary, very dreary years. It comes natural to imagine a scenary of the past, but in reality the new leaders will come wearing ties, with very modern new styles and neologisms and therefore at first they will win the approval of the people. This context is the basis of this great war, so we are on the eve of it and we only have to strongly believe what the Immaculate Heart of Mary promised from Fatima to Manduria. If in Fatima She was aiming at the conversion of Russia, she later said “With Manduria I aim at the conversion of China”. These are strategic messages through apparitions that are underestimated in their depth and importance. Surely Fatima was recognized by the Church, but Manduria is even described as the antechamber of a hypothetical and fanciful work of an Evil force. The Marian epiphany was not only misunderstood but cowardly fought by means of a thousand tricks (which never succeeded however) and in a certain sense attributed to the so-called order of apparitions not only unacknowledged, but false or even demonic. It is a deep sorrow! We all have lost! This constitutes a huge problem for the Church, since serious damage occurs when a certain hierarchy strongly objects to and does not study the facts, the benefits, the graces, the conversions, all the writings, which for a long time have been donated and documented through the service of the prophetic charism. Obviously over a period of twenty or thirty years these aspects are better understood.  In Manduria we are approaching 30 years since the onset of the Apparition, after which what was written and said by the Lady of Heaven will occur, but not only that, Our Lady has perfectly explained how the dates of Her Apparition will necessarily coincide with precise important dates  due to painful events, not excluding those of March 25, December 12, of 23 (day of the apparition).  March 25 of each year is the date of the reception of prophetic messages, while on December 12 (anniversary of my birthday) I welcome the revelation of secrets or very important messages that refer to the condition of both the Church and the State. Our Lady in Manduria continues to talk a lot about the nation of Italy, its conscience, its mission, the promulgations of all those laws that will lead it, in an inexorably painful way, to its defeat. But She will save her! Mary’s visit is a call, an appeal from God! In light of today’s events and the hardness of our hearts, it goes without saying  that this will coincide with a poverty that is very, very deeply felt by the Italian people in particular, there will not be much “bread” around and we will no longer collect everything that until today was produced in the land of wine, oil and honey. So, we must realise that our Italy will no longer produce the fruit that we have harvested up to now, though it has always been the garden of the world. There will be heavy floods after the outbreak of the war in the Middle East and for some time it will seem a distant event to us because we Europeans tend to look at things as if from a window. Sudden heavy downpours will cause landslides, chasms will open up in the middle of the streets, so that deep that portions of towns and cities will collapse. It is at that very moment that the reality of the King we have been waiting for, and that is due to come, will start and come true, the King whom Jesus and Our Lady have been preparing for a long time. It will be a young person who will bear unmistakable signs as Saint Joan of Arc has already well described in Manduria over the years, visible signs on the body, which perhaps were revealed to some finer souls of the past , but  the Lord Jesus has highlighted that through modern mysticism it will be possible today to make these aspects clearer, more understandable. In Manduria Saint Joan speaks about many things. This King who is to come will be a consecrated person also linked to the Virgin of the Eucharist and in that period the Eucharist will resume its dimension after having been completely denigrated, humiliated, totally denied, even removed from the heart of the Churches. The Blessed Sacrament will pay a high price in the sense that it will be “overthrown” for a period. This will also be due to a succession of situations, social, viral and catastrophic tensions and to the decisions of those who do not put faith first. The time will come when special people will appear that God has chosen enriching them with many gifts, then we will even see new monarchies but unlike those of the past. For years in my small way, I have also offered my sufferings for these creatures endowed with special virtues. Monarchies will slowly appear in Germany, Austria, Hungary etc., they will return in a renewed form and will be like a right hand for the Church. St. Joan of Arc says that in those days the basilica of Orleans, a bit like the sanctuary of the martyrs of Otranto, will light up at night and we will hear singing. Therefore, the south of Italy will beat with the heart of France: they will be two united nations with the Maid as their ambassador. With reference to all this, we could also say a lot about the third war, about how and when it will happen, but I believe that for the time being  it is enough to take one step at a time overcoming the temptation of the unknown without falling into catastrophism. Now can you understand the importance of anointing with blessed Oil, of consecration through the devotion to the tears of Our Lady? Indeed, the blessed oil will help and comfort us in the moments of special tribulations: at the moment we are only at purification level! When the Warning occurs in its three phases, we will have the opportunity not only to be enlightened in our consciences, but we will have to consider many aspects related to it, we will have to face problems of livelihood and health for weeks. However, if I had not seen the punishment, I would not tell you it will be a hard test. I hope that for some reason it will not lead someone to the hoarding of “x” food. We must bear in mind that in those days we will have to pray and fast, but candles and simple food to be consumed must not be missing in our homes, since obviously even with the Warnings in phase one, two and three, some things  in the atmosphere will badly affect the air as when gases are released and we will be  forced to put on a mask to be able to breathe, so in those days we will not have the opportunity to go out for the usual food shopping. This will be important but without extremes, since we will not yet be in the dark days that will come during the second half of the world war, in winter. We know it will be in January, while the phases of the Warning will begin in March. The dates are there, but I cannot reveal them yet:  this is because there is no need to create sensationalism, but instead we must get ready. This blessed Oil that Our Lady sends us is a preparation to get awareness of the times, but,  in anticipation of those moments, we must train by accepting illnesses and everyday situations, living a true consecration with a strong perception of the Sacred, since Jesus stays with us all day and not just a few fragments of it. We often repeat: “hour by hour, Lord Jesus, you are with me.  You give me strength, you live in me Jesus, You heal me, free me, forgive me!” This sense of Consecration asked of Fatima  we obtain in Manduria through the anointing with the blessed Oil: we thus become Mary’s gladiators, those who pray, hope and also intercept these prophecies,  fulfill them ipso facto in everyday reality so as to raise strong men, women, young people and children, deeply fond of life, who do not throw out the window what they do not like, but who appreciate the evident test of these bad things by overcoming it. This is the meaning of being Mary’s Witnesses and in this sense, we announce the Triumph of Our Lady which will take place before the world war. Providentially, Our Lady tells us that the last dogma will be proclaimed and it will be the last. When Laurentin came here, we talked for a long time and he said “it is something that cannot be done now”, but Our Lady asked for it and therefore now is the time for the promulgation of Mary Co-redemptrix, Advocate and Mediatrix. She said it for the first time in 1992 when she came to Manduria, in the very first months she declared: “I am the Advocate of God” and then “the Mediatrix of Grace among you and between you and My Son”; therefore, even before defining herself as Virgin of the Eucharist, Source of the Holy Oil of Perennial Unction and Mother of Jesus the Blessed  Olive Tree, that is, the Mother of the Son of God through whose branches the sprout of Jesse of the Davidic family, the whole human family grafts “again” with the glorious return of Christ, in the definitive pact of reconciliation with God. This is the nature of that name “Blessed Olive Tree”, while Mary is the Olive Speciosa, who always gives life through the lymph of Christ to a new inheritance, new life, new Christianity, a new future. She is the everlasting Star, Jacob’s Ladder, the Mystic Rose who announces Paradise on the earth, the redeemed Jerusalem which unfortunately we know will not be redeemed, since Jerusalem will suffer blows and very bitter ones. Having said that, we could go into details about  many prophecies of Manduria, but I would like to stop here to tell those who have listened so far, not to be distressed because nothing is sadness with Our Lady, with Her a project not yet finished is revealed, indeed we find new energy, a new vitality and, why not, all those frustrations of ours, those thoughts of ours, our missions not yet fulfilled, while  working for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, can now find full realization. Then let us not only pray at home, offer our sufferings, but spread and fertilize the Messages of Our Lady, especially the authentic ones, the true ones since nowadays false prophecies will also be one of the scourges: “for not having accepted the true Messages”, Jesus says, “I will allow the devil to mock  men so that it will become even more difficult to find the wisdom they have rejected.” We read in the Sacred Scripture that the Lord “closed the Pharaoh’s heart”. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen! The Pharaohs of today, those who want to block our path, must know that they have before them a people, albeit a small remnant, siding with Mary, the greatest General, our Great Fighter, therefore with all those who are Marians and follow this Christian path beyond being Catholic. All together we must proclaim once again that this ladder of Jacob’s is as never before open both uphill and downhill: as it came for Her, so it will return for Her, because Jesus is about to return. In anticipation of this, there will be Eucharistic, Marian, solar and even physical signs (coming from Heaven) because many healings will take place, but unfortunately also many deaths. Let us go on with the confidence of children of God ready to operate with the devotion to the Tears of Our Lady against any dictatorship that will be  imposed  on us including the coronavirus one, because it was not given by chance, only Jesus can know how big His Mother’s tears are! Undoubtedly when Our Father  receives the offer of our sufferings, he welcomes them but only through the power of Mary’s tears we are able to move, to penetrate the Heart of the King more easily and our Father still opens the door for the merits of these tears that once more  become tears of salvation for us.

W. Before saying goodbye, one last question Deborah as regards the direction in which the Catholic Church seems to move under the pontificate of Pope Francis and also what differences do you notice between this pontificate and the two previous ones in relation to the pastoral, liturgical approach and sexual morality?

The Church is going through a particularly complex and difficult moment in some ways. We must first of all remember, to be honest, what Our Lady said about the pontificate of John Paul II: he would be the Pope of consecration. His pontificate was characterized by a strong aid for the benefit of the working class, but this does not mean that we must describe all the work and doctrine operated by John Paul II as a communist one, indeed it was the opposite. We also must not forget that when he went to Argentina, among his many apostolic journeys, he took care to admonish the priest who for some years had decided to follow the so-called “Doctrine of liberation”. John Paul II was always close to the people, the poor and the sick and  brought his own opinions within the Church, we also know that all the reality relating to the work of the laity was greatly affected by his apostolate and therefore he was a Pope who, in his own way, knew how to cast the nets for a new evangelization and a different way of applying the Gospel. With regard to Benedict XVI, defined by Our Lady as the “Pope of the restoration”, we know that he has always watched over the perfect application of the Doctrine, a theologian Pope who reaffirmed everywhere the enormous differences existing between the Catholic Church and other religions. I am referring in particular to the Jewish and Muslim religions, argued in the famous Regensburg speech for which the Pope was heavily criticized. What he stated on that occasion did not exclude the fact that they were our brothers, but aimed to highlight how deeply different the three religions were.  In particular, with the Jews we share our roots because we come from that call, from that Pact with which God wanted to seal His Covenant, but let’s not forget that the New and Eternal Covenant was finalized by God in Jesus Christ through His Blood. Having said that, with those who reject Christ, as happens with Muslims, who consider him only a Prophet, it is clear and evident that there are no great visions of communion, except for the possibility of a dialogue which however excludes real integration. For this reason, Pope Benedict wanted to emphasize that not all religions have a foundation of truth. We believe in Jesus Christ, we believe that He is Alive and True among us, that He is not a Prophet, but the one sent by the Father, the Anointed one par excellence, therefore those who maintain the opposite are obviously not Christian. I would like to remind those who believe and support religious syncretism that all their talking and working for a forced union among religious confessions that present substantial differences within them can only lead to conflicts. This does not mean that we should not endeavour to exchange points of view and seek peace, but we cannot profess that the different faiths are to be placed on the same level.

As regards Pope Francis, let’s say that his doctrine currently raises many concerns both in Priests. who care about the respect of Tradition, and in many lay people devoted and united to the Blessed Sacrament and popular piety. We know what direction Francis is giving to the Church, a Church that is perhaps a little too “liberal”, whose incipit does not appear rooted in the Sacraments and Commandments. All this raises problems and profound questions especially in the doctrinal field of sexual and conjugal morality. Lately, in fact, all this opening one’s arms too far, spreading an atypical tolerance towards the homosexual reality, creates a certain type of dismay which, for many, translates into real scandal. It must be said that it is right to reach out to everyone without judging anyone, since only the Lord knows the hearts of men; however, this is a far cry from wanting to almost sanctify or, in a certain sense, celebrate the normality of this diversity. From the liturgical point of view, we are also affected by an evident and growing cancellation of sacredness which produces devastating effects especially in souls rooted in the strong Catholic Christian tradition. It should be noted that the respect for the Tradition transmitted by the Apostles has nothing to do with the so-called traditionalism which, like any term that ends in “ism”, always leads to a certain unreasonableness and confines religion within the limits of a single dictatorial way of thinking. Healthy Tradition is that compass needle that shows us the right path within which the Saints of all times, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church have wisely walked, directing the Church according to the Will of God, through the centuries and among a thousand storms and problems that have characterized the various phases. I would like to stress that we must not disapprove of Pope Francis because  we are sure that in the end the Lord will make us understand what the Pope means and if we do not come to understand this, I know for sure that Our Lady absolutely does not want us to judge him. The Lord will see to it that he will be saved in any case despite his thoughts having interfered a bit too much with the Doctrine, destabilizing some of its aspects.

We shouldn’t forget to trust the Holy Spirit because  no one can tease Him and we must never forget how history is in the hands of Our Lord Jesus Christ and if He is allowing this moment of profound crisis also due to those who wage war on the Church from inside, it is a sign that we must cling to the Sacred Heart of Jesus because He will surely, precisely from these conflicts, bring forth the best in the future. We know that Our Lady is close to triumph with Her Immaculate Heart and she will show us the grandeur of the Church with all that has already been previously announced. Now I would like to greet you and hug you one by one and say a big thank you for the prayers you address to God for me; take courage you will have great strength because we can win everything with Mary!

Amèn Alleluja.


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