Someone is calling me in a very sweet manner. I open my eyes and see a Beautiful Lady who asks me to sit down, abandon my rest and write. I think to myself that it must be something important if she calls me in the middle of the night, because during the night you talk in a much more intimate manner; everything is silent and nothing can disrupt a friendly affectionate encounter.

“Dear daughter of the light: Now, bearing in mind that humanity continues to trample on the laws of Heaven, I reveal the last Message of the secrets of Fatima, sealed in the hearts of a few since 1917, which should have been announced to the whole world in the sixties; but no heed was paid to My maternal call and many, many misfortunes have covered this earth.

Today, My little one, I give you the task of talking about it with as many people as you come in contact, and to many children of the Light1, so that the world may still mend its ways. I want the Pope to listen to the sorrowful call of My Son, (she refers to this message so that at once she speaks of it and the world is saved by prayer)2 who is still in agony for your sins, and to bear in mind My timeliness in spreading this Message”.

Suddenly, the world appears in Her hands and I notice with astonishment that little by little it becomes covered with blood. She thus begins:

“My little daughter, I once said at Fatima, that if the world does not convert, a great calamity would fall upon the whole human race, not at that time, but in the second half of the 20th century3.

I already prophesied this chastisement at ‘La Salette’, to the children Melanie and Maximin and today, after repeating it many times I repeat it to you, because humanity continues to persevere in sin, trampling on the gifts from Heaven.

Already satan has scattered disorder everywhere, holding power in the highest places, influencing development in all things. I had already told Lucia that he, the son of darkness, would succeed in plagiarizing the minds of the greatest scientists, inciting them to invent very powerful weapons with which he could destroy the entire planet Earth in a few seconds. I said that he would have the destiny of the whole world in his hands, seducing the Powerful and the Heads of State, and so it has happened. Soon I will be forced to let go of My Son’s4 arm, and you will all see that He will punish with greater justice and severity than ever before.

For the Church, the time has come for difficult trials and tribulations, as I already predicted. Cardinals will turn against Cardinals, Bishops5 against Bishops, and satan already marches in their midst, and in Rome imminent changes are being felt.

No one is waiting for the Son of God, but tell everyone that He will return; however, He will come like a thief in the night, and then He will punish according to the Justice of the Just Heavenly Father6.

Smoke and fire will fall violently from the Heavens, the seas will give out steam, everything will be submerged, and a war greater and more destructive than any other will come, – if everything were to remain as now. Little by little, many men and children will die, and those who survive will envy the dead, who will be deprived of that sight.

The face of death, misery, ruin and war will be that of the earth. The times of the times are coming to an end, and day by day this fear of Mine is becoming a frightening reality. I turn to the world, saying that not only the good will perish together with the wicked, but also Heads of States with their people and the great ones of the Church with their faithful7.

My daughter, satan unfortunately has covered the earth with his assassins and man very often gives in to temptation and sin. This time, if man wants to deliberately destroy the entire world, God will make him vanish from the universe, and it will no longer come about with water, the symbol of purification, but with fire, the symbol of justice.

When the earth darkens, this is the sign of the coming of My Son and His Angels, and only then will the new earth begin, reformed by all those who now work for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart, and by those who will outlive such disasters.

Together, all the chosen ones, marked with a cross8 on their foreheads9, symbol of their trust in God, will live for one purpose; the ‘Heavenly Father’, in the same way as when this very beautiful planet was not so sinful. In this way, I the Mother of God, through you announce to the world the great calamity that will befall it if it does not mend its ways. I, Queen of Peace and Love, the Heavenly Mother, have come to this land, as to others, to heal the spirit and no longer the body.

I promise you Salvation, if My heavenly call is accepted. Thank you for having responded to My call and I ask you to communicate it to the world. Pray and love. Praised be the Life that generates Life: Jesus Christ’.

Virgin of the Eucharist, Night between 14-15 February 1993

(Third secret partially revealed)

I gave this message to several religious authorities, including my Bishop, convinced of having done good service to the Lord.

  1. (1 Thessalonians 5,5.) ↩︎
  2. Even indirectly with letters and exhortations.) ↩︎
  3. (In that time span near the end of the millennium.) ↩︎
  4. (Here Mary Most Holy points out Her great mission on earth: to be the universal Mediatrix.) ↩︎
  5. (Our Lady, with the phrase ‘Cardinals against Cardinals, Bishops against Bishops, may be implying that due to their personal ideologies they attack one another and the Evil One finds fertile ground to sow hatred and destroy God’s work. In the phrase referring to Rome, the Heavenly Mother is suggesting that some changes are already taking place because it has been decided by the Almighty One.) ↩︎
  6. (Through Her intervention.) ↩︎
  7. (Because they will all pay for their mismanagement of things.) ↩︎
  8. (Their hearts have converted and are at peace with God.) ↩︎
  9. (Invisibly) ↩︎

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