In the night a marvellous light wakes mu up. It is the Lord!

J: “Awake, my soul beloved by eternal love! You know well that in these hours my people are in a great trial, but you also know that your generation is living times that are decisive for rebuilding what has been destroyed! It is incumbent upon you to remind everyone that the trials sent to them or allowed are always a great sign of my mercy!”

D: “Lord, thrice Holy, many rebel in the face of the tragedies that unfold under your silent gaze!

J: “It is for this reason that I turn to every heart this night through your sacrifice: O men you should withhold your tongue from judgment, or to the contrary, meditate on why death strikes. I tell you that much blood will still flow in your streets because of the sins that draw divine justice. If only you would return to the paths of truth to which my Most Holy Mother has long been calling you! The origin of your evils and of your inmost sorrows remains the ancient sin of disobedience to the Supreme Will.”

D: “Master, when will we have peace?”

G: “When man will allow God to guide him! The triumph of the Heart of the Most Holy Mother is for all of you a great help so that a time of peace between peoples may be established, but you, my intimate servant, know that it will not last long! The hearts of men have hardened to such an extent that prosperity and false reconciliation will again show the true face of the unrepentant man! The Russians and the Arabs will again attempt to question the fate of mankind!

You have to offer yourself, my young one, because a possible world crisis could resurface in the span of thirty years! Truly the tears of my Mother and yours have already obtained several times from our clemency1 that the lightning2 were diminished in power and the damage contained but unceasingly the man poisoned by the steel-toothed beast3 wants to bring upon his fellow men a new flood! I Jesus, King of Revelation, warn the world that the tacit work of the enemy will not cease.

I kiss the Church in this terrible hour so that the evangelical spirit may be strengthened in her and she may never restrain my Spirit who guides her to her jubilation. To those who continue to condemn my work in you, my shepherdess, I say that it is no longer expedient to tempt God, for in the future I will show the chastisement of my hand!”

D “My beloved, blessed Lord, my poor heart burns with love as I look at your eyes sparkling with light and filled with tears at the coldness of creatures! How good you are!

J: “Oh my soul, I come down from my throne to find consolation among a daughter of that faithful people who await me! For this waiting lived with righteousness, I will not delay to show you my wills. This era will experience lasting peace only after the world has rejected the son of damnation4. To all creatures who will have gained angelic purity, through their prayers and offerings, I will open wide my Heart of love which will offer them the gift of wisdom. I come to take charity, fidelity, love, and with you sons and daughters of my Bride (Church), I want to distribute them in the world! Stay in my peace!

Write down my sign!

  1. Trinitarian ↩︎
  2. Missiles? ↩︎
  3. The atheistic science ↩︎
  4. The Antichrist ↩︎

Message of Jesus King of the Revelation of 10 May 2000 taken from the books of Revealed Wisdom of the Living God

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